A Little Story

Simple dishes combined with worldly flavors using techniques taught by Honey, the world’s sweetest grandma. Including slow roasted and charbroiled meats and homemade small batch salsas. Of course, we couldn’t exist without freshly made tortillas. We have some plant-based options available also.


Our signature dish is what we call The Concha Burger, a sweet and savory masterpiece. After your first bite, you will become addicted.


Honey’s may have opened in 2022, but our story goes back to the 70’s with Delia Herrera, who is affectionately called Honey by her small army of grandkids, great-grandkids and friends. When it came to cooking, Honey was more than your typical Mexican grandma, which as you know is saying a lot. Food was and is her life, she was everything from a burrito and tamale slanger, to restaurant owner, caterer, and baker. Honey owned a small taco restaurant in Burbank, Ca in the 1970’s named Dee’s Tacos. She ended up selling it to prioritize raising her 7 children and always looked fondly back.


Today we are open in dedication to Honey.(Still Kickin)


Honey’s recent quote. “I wish I was had more strength mijo because I want to help. I still have the ganas, I can feel it.”